Purity Over Lust

God’s original plan: One man go and find one woman and then marry her.

Society’s plans: Date as many people as you can before you get married. Have sex with anyone who makes you happy or is convenient at the time. Homosexuality is normal and should be embraced. Don’t think about tomorrow, you live for today.


YOLO = You Only Live Once

  • This is beyond false! Whether it was Drake, YMCMB, or whoever it was that started this movement, has been deceiving many. Am I saying these men are satanists? No way! However, this is not from God.
  • Jesus showed us that he died for us to live in Heaven, if we accept Him and are born again (John 3:5-7). Whether we believe it or not, we all will live eternally. Some In Heaven and some in Hell.
  • If we really do live just once, this term should mean to get an education, a family, be an impact on the world. Not make a fool of yourself in meaningless sex, crimes, partying. Do not indulge in a ton load of sin only to feel empty and unfulfilled in the end.
  • There are consequences for every choice we make!



  • Having sex doesn’t make you a man. Any fool can make a baby, only a real man can take care of a child.
  • Just because you are in the mood for sex doesn’t mean you should go out hunting women like they are just sex objects. Women were created by God to help us, not for us to just go to them for sex.
  • You should treat a woman the way you want your mother, daughter and sister to be treated.
  • Please stop trying to open her legs. Open your bible. Spend your time asking God if she’s the one and how to get to her heart.
  • It does not matter if everyone is doing it, you can be the difference. “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” -Martin L. King.


  • You are an emotional being. Don’t let your emotions trick you into believing that this is the guy just because he makes you feel nice.
  • A man can only go as far as you let him. If you have low standards, he will take advantage of you. If they are high, they will know that they must come correct. Do not set a ridiculous standard, you are not going to marry Superman, but do not let any clown just come into your life.
  • If the guy tries to make you horny and not holy, he isn’t the one. If he has hands on your body and he did not put a ring on you, let him go!
  • If all he wants is breasts, legs, and thighs, then send him to KFC!


Unequally Yoked Relationships:

  • This is forbidden! See 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. You must not be tied down to someone who isn’t for what you are for.
  • This person is a spiritual weight. You may make Heaven, but they will slow you down and hinder you from your full potential in Christ.
  • If you have two different masters how can you be one? You can’t serve Jesus and they serve the devil. They may not bow down to satan, but every human worships whether they know it or not.
  • If you sleep with an harlot, you become a harlot. The harlot doesn’t become saved, you become the same as them. See 1 Corinthians 6:16.


This is a true statement and I pray you’ll take heed to this : Just because they go to church, does not mean they are the one! They can really love God, but that does not mean you were to get married to them. You can surely be unequally yoked in the church. No one expects to see a pastor marry a new convert. See 2 Timothy 2:22. Not everyone seeks God with a pure heart, some have ungodly motives. Either just scared of Hell or just trying to get something from God.


Many have compromised there purity for meaningless sex and inconsiderate people. If you do not feel complete in Christ, no other person will ever complete you. They were made to add to you. The bible says the two become one, not two halves become one.

If you have already compromised your purity:

  • Choose to stop doing so today! If they love you, they can stay without sex. Always remember if a guy forces you into sex, he will stay, but he will never respect you.
  • Give up the fornicating, masturbating, pornography, lustful talk, etc. You are slowly destroying your spirit with sinful desires.
  • Raise your standards. If you believe everyone only wants sex from you, maybe you have been offering it to them.
  • Get out of these relationships!


Do not advertise what is not for sale!

  • Do not show naked pictures if you aren’t planning to have sex.
  • Do not flirt with someone and you do not plan to be with them.
  • Do not date around. Meaningless relationships are pointless. If marriage isn’t in mind, leave it alone!
  • Dress modest. We are brothers and sisters, do not be the reason someone sins. If someone lusts, they sinned in their heart, but you are just as guilty to make them sin.


Kissing leads to touching. Touching leads to sex. Sex before marriage is a sin. Do not embark on something you are not prepared for. Some people can control themselves better than others, but never say I’m strong and do something so foolish that you end up in sin.


It takes months, years, a lifetime to build a strong relationship with God. It takes a couple minutes to jeopardize it, and more time to get back to where you were. Now tell me, was it worth it?

-Tovares Grey


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I absolutely love Jesus, and I am unashamed to say that. I'm just a young man with big dreams, but my main purpose in life is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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