Full Time Submission

One of the easiest things for a believer to do is get complacent. Of course there are many people passionate about growing in their relationship with God, but most times many are afraid to change or unwilling to allow God to have complete control. It's so easy to get stuck in our comfort zones, but… Continue reading Full Time Submission

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Conditions Do Not Apply

One thing in this world that is misunderstood by many is love. It is thrown around loosely and barely understood by the person using it or hearing it. I say that because nowadays marriages last a few days and people profess love to the person they are dating or their friends, but when hard times… Continue reading Conditions Do Not Apply

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Stay Hungry for God’s Word

No man can survive too long without food. Even if one decides to go on a fast, they will become hungry at some point. The bible says when Jesus finished fasting He was hungry after (Matthew 4:2). If we want to live we must eat, and not just anything, but healthy food. If a person… Continue reading Stay Hungry for God’s Word