Useless Worship

There is one thing ultimately that God requires from each and every one of us, worship. The angels have worshipped God since creation. Problems arose when lucifer tried to get that worship for himself and ended up being kicked out of Heaven. Now with a vengeance, the devil has been seeking for mankind to worship… Continue reading Useless Worship


Are You Insane?

Are you Insane? There are a few things I've learned from being a child, playing sports, and just life itself. Those who work harder get better results. Students and children who obey their parents and teachers tend to be on their good side and can usually ask for whatever they want and get it. That… Continue reading Are You Insane?


Guilty by Association

Even though it is sad when people get in trouble, disciplined or even imprisoned for doing wrong, we often find it easier to understand because we all have to pay for our actions. However, what about those people who are guilty just because of their association? Many are dead, in trouble or have been in… Continue reading Guilty by Association

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Get Up and Go

Sometimes I wonder if we believe in Hell. I wonder if Christians understand what it means to "love our neighbors as ourselves". Many are becoming so comfortable in their lives of luxury. We have homes, cars and love to attend church quite faithfully. However, there are 7 billion people on this earth and not many… Continue reading Get Up and Go


Pouring Out

We have all heard or prayed some of these prayers before: "Fill me up Jesus", "I need you, Lord", or "God, use me for your glory". Not that I am against these prayers, because I will pray them. The problem is not in the words of our prayer, but the heart behind our words. When… Continue reading Pouring Out