The Show is Over

Lights... Camera... Action! The show has begun and the audience expects a good performance. You cannot afford to fail with all these people coming to watch you entertain them. After all, they didn't have to watch you right? Make sure everyone has on their costumes and that replacements are in place. We must please the… Continue reading The Show is Over

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Daily Declarations

Studies show that most people must hear something around 7 times in order for them to retain it, and some people say it takes around 21 days of repeating something to form a habit. I wouldn't call people foolish, it just simply takes awhile to train our minds to operate a certain way. We must… Continue reading Daily Declarations

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Temporary Problems | Eternal God

Bills, school, work (maybe even unemployment), family issues, sickness and diseases, broken relationships... The list goes on and on. We all face problems daily that make us really question God. "Are you even real?", "if you loved my mom, why did you allow her to pass away?", I work hard, tithe, and I give to… Continue reading Temporary Problems | Eternal God