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Recreational Dating

I have no idea where this trend started, but I hope it ends soon. There's a new thing going around and I think it's called "recreational dating". It serves no purpose, but it kills time. Let's address it.... Here are five types of recreational daters: 1. The bored man/woman.  They have absolutely no idea who… Continue reading Recreational Dating

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Underdeveloped Christians

I'm a person that doesn't eat breakfast often, but because I know it's important I try to eat something to start my day now. Yesterday I was boiling two eggs and a cup of tea for breakfast before work. I looked and noticed that the water was bubbling hot. But if I took it out… Continue reading Underdeveloped Christians


Godly Man vs Church boy

Ladies, this one is for you. I've noticed that many times women set themselves apart to be virtuous women and to get a good husband. That is respectable, but how does she know if that guy is from God or he's just a random distraction along her path? Here are a few tips to be… Continue reading Godly Man vs Church boy

Thoughtful Tuesday

When we Pray

There is more that God requires of us. Sometimes we read the stories in the Bible and if we aren't careful, we would think of them as fairy tales. Peter walking on water, Abraham having a child when he's old, God answering Elijah's prayer by fire, Joshua praying and the sun literally stopped moving, and… Continue reading When we Pray