Dead Christians

We buy more books, join more ministries, and we follow cool Christians on social networks. We find everything to occupy our time with, other than the will of God. Many seek to go higher but they have yet to decide to leave behind the world. Some even spend hours in Church, but when it comes… Continue reading Dead Christians


The Chase

This one is for the guys. I'm well aware that many guys are seeking relationships: some boys just want to have "fun", but there are some men that are looking for commitment, so I had to write something about it to put some things into perspective concerning relationships. When seeking a relationship, keep these things in mind:… Continue reading The Chase

Thoughtful Tuesday, Uncategorized


The sole purpose of Jesus coming to earth was to take from satan what was originally designed for Him, mankind. We are all born with a sinful nature and are going to rebel against God, even if it wasn't willfully. Since the fall of Adam, we all needed a savior. That is the reason Jesus… Continue reading Followers?