Even if Alone

photo (4)Following Jesus is hands down the best decision I have ever made. However, I have had times when I was beyond discouraged because it just seemed like I was in this thing all alone. I know some people have always been spiritual and they just had it together at all times, but even people in the bible felt discouraged at times. Elijah wanted to die because of fear of Jezebel (1 Kings 19:4), Jeremiah wanted to give up on his calling but he couldn’t (Jeremiah 20:9), and even the great leader Moses was frustrated and impatient with the people at times (Numbers 11:10-15). So if you ever get weary in your walk, I understand. If they could overcome their temporary afflictions, so can you and I (Romans 8:18).
And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. (Luke 9:23)
When Jesus called you to follow Him, He did not call your friends or family. There is a separate calling for each and every one of us. Stop trying to take people where God is trying to take you. Sometimes God wants you alone so you can learn to depend and trust Him. Many of us talk to our friends for hours and God for minutes, but God deserves more reverence and honor than we are giving Him. We must also come to a realization that our salvation is not dependent on others either. My pastor, parents or loved ones cannot save me. My salvation is based solely on my relationship with Jesus. I may be surrounded by praying people, but if I don’t pray I will have no connection to God. I may have a great leader in my pastor, but if I do not seek God for myself I will not know Him for myself. God wants each and every one of us to seek Him for ourselves.
I know most people have heard this before, but if you haven’t let me just warn you: when you truly begin to follow Jesus, people will drift away from you. I don’t mean when you attend church regularly, I mean walking like He walked, talking like He talked and eschewing sin like Jesus did. I say that because now you are serving a different Master, so people will not always like that. You want to live right, but they want to let their flesh be in control. If everyone is comfortable with you, then maybe you still have maturing to do. Not saying when people hate you you’re considered Godly, because sometimes people hate our arrogance. I mean light and darkness does not mix, so don’t expect to have a big crowd of friends. Many stopped following Jesus before He came down to twelve followers.
There came a point in Abraham’s walk with God that he was asked to sacrifice the very thing he waited all his life for. That is a true test of faith. God saying, “I gave you this promise, but I want you to give it back now”. When Abraham went to sacrifice his son Isaac, there was a point when he had to tell some people to wait here while he went up to worship (Genesis 22:5). Abraham understood clearly that the place God wants him is not for everyone’s sight. God wants to do great things to and through us, but he first has to separate us. Being alone is not a bad thing! Let God isolate you so He can elevate you!
Many people choose to follow God when it is convenient for them. They give God a couple of minutes of prayer and half-hearted worship in church when things are going fine. However, whenever they go through hard times or read something in the Bible that contradicts their lifestyle, they just overlook it and do their own thing. Don’t get caught up in this company! Surround yourself with those who have a hunger for God. Yes, some people will call you “deep”, “too holy”, etc. but I rather be an outcast for God than to be cast out later. We want God to be pleased with our lives, we do not need man’s approval.
“I talk about Jesus, all the Christians love me
I walk like Jesus now they wanna judge me, ain’t it funny?” – Andy Mineo

It is very easy for believers to follow and obey Christ when they see others doing it. However, that is not always the case. Many of us are around people who do not obey God and do not even want to obey Him. Trust me, it’s better to avoid that group because they are only hurting you spiritually. I choose to follow Jesus even if no one decides to join me. The three Hebrew boys decided to obey their God even if no one joined them and they did not compromise when their lives were on the line.

And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead. (Matthew 8:21-22)
  • When God calls you, don’t go back to dead situations.
  • Stop trying to hold memories of your past life and relationships.
  • Press forward and forget the past (Philippians 3:7-14).
  • You’re a new person in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), so let your old life be crucified with Christ (Romans 6:6).
Trust me, I know this blog is beyond lengthy and I am sorry about that. However, if you read this I know that God has touched your heart in some way or another. Continue to seek God, even if you are alone. No more compromising. Let’s be a generation of God seekers, God bless!
– Tovares Grey

Pray for Oklahoma

All you could hear were screams“, someone said. They were speaking of children in school and by those aiming to help the children. What happened in Oklahoma was a complete tragedy and even hard to believe. It is almost impossible to say “I understand what you are going through”, because over 150 people were said to have been affected and over 20 deaths. This is such a tragedy. Homes, schools, companies, etc. were torn to pieces. I have experienced tough hurricanes in Florida, but that tornado was something I did not expect can happen.
Why am I even talking about this? Not to get blog views, but to remind the church to pray. Let’s not say “I’m praying” and we only talk to God for a minute for these people. Let us go before God and really cry out to Him to give these families peace of mind, and for doors to be opened. We do not always understand what God is doing (Isaiah 55:8), but we just have to trust Him.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength: (Isaiah 26:3-4).
There is not much that many of us can do to help them, but we all can pray. We should never let tragedies come before we pray for others, but we should never see people in need and not pray. Let this cause the church to wake up and pray more. God is going to help His people, especially Oklahoma, but we all must turn to Him.
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
– Tovares Grey


Tell Someone!

Even though it is a Christian’s duty to evangelize, I believe many of us never understand this concept. If you believe anything Jesus said, you would know that Hell is real. I know many never focus on this topic and love to talk about God’s grace. However, if Heaven is real so is Hell. If we don’t share the Gospel, many people will be lost. We (me, anyone reading this, or anyone claiming to be a Christian) all have a responsibility to tell someone about Jesus. Of course many of us will never reach thousands, but maybe if you reached one person, they could reach thousands. Each one reach one! Many people stress missions, and I completely believe that they are important (Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8). However, do not feel you must go to other countries and totally overlook those right next door to you.
What are some things that stop us from evangelizing? I’ll give a few and tell you why to not let them bother you.
1. Fear! Fear of rejection, fear of not knowing what to say, fear of people attacking us and saying our God isn’t real.
If someone rejects the Gospel, they rejected Jesus not you. Stop taking it personal! Just go to someone else. Everyone will not believe. Jesus saves not us, so plant the seed and move to someone else.
– Don’t know what to say? Share your testimony. Many can reject scriptures, but they cannot reject God delivering you from anxiety, porn, self-hatred, bitterness, drugs, alcohol, homelessness, etc. Your testimony is someone else’s deliverance.
– If they do not believe, that’s fine. Perfectly fine! God saves. Just pray for them.
2. No time! I’m busy with school, work, the family, etc. Many will not like this, but honestly those are poor excuses.
– We find time for television, mall, phone, and many other things that we are interested in. You do not find time for God’s work, you make the time!
– Many of us use social networks. People read our tweets, statuses and definitely see our tumblr and Instagram pictures. Many of us will never win a soul unless we shape up what we put on social media. The apostles did great things without any technology, it is time that we use these things as assets and not liabilities for someone’s spiritual growth. I can not follow someone who claims to be Christian and they seem to be more worldly than a nonbeliever. Let’s get it together guys!
3. We just do not care to!
– Any man who thinks he’s on the way to Heaven and does not want others to go with them does not have the right to say they are Christian.
– Jesus was compassionate. He loved, rebuked and helped. Why can’t you just tell one person that Jesus loves them? Just invite them to church and let God convict them haha, but seriously. Be bold and caring enough to win some souls!
Ask yourself these questions?
– Has anyone ever told you they will come to church or become a Christian because they admire the way you live?
– Have you been able to get someone to come to church this year, and if so are they still there?
– Living like the world will not draw any unsaved, so do you live like Jesus in every aspect of your life?
– Do you tell people at school and work that you are a Christian (even when they are homosexual/lesbian, atheist, Muslim, etc.)?
– Do you treat people of different beliefs with equal respect?
And do not worry, answering yes does not mean you’re better than anyone or self righteous. Answering no does not mean you are a sinner and headed to Hell. However, all of us could do better trying to win people to Christ. Jesus did not die for us to turn His church into a modeling contest, a carnal concert, or a place for self righteous people to stay in their bubble. Ministry is not only in church, ministry is when you go outside the church and then face battles. Ministry is when people look at you funny, but you still smile and share Jesus. Ministry is when people do not believe and do not care, but yet you serve them.
I know many really don’t care to hear me or believe me, but it has never been about me. It is all for His glory. Let’s go share the Gospel!
And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. (Mark 1:15)
– Tovares Grey


God is Listening

One thing that every Christian must do, even though we sometimes avoid it, is to pray. Some pray for hours, some for minutes, some none at all. I understand in prayer you may be wondering, “okay so ummm, I don’t hear God and I’m done talking so I’ll just get up now”. Many of us won’t say those words, but our actions show it. We all must know that prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue. Sometimes we have to sit and wait on God to speak. We must learn to listen and not just speak in prayer.
Prayer is not fulfilling a religious duty, but it is seeking guidance from God. Lack of prayer shows that you have it all figured out and do not necessarily need God to guide you. We need to develop a passion for prayer. Many seek the pulpit and popularity, but only those who pray will ultimately have a connection to God. Ministry without prayer is useless. Jesus prayed for hours, sometimes all night, and it was all because He understood He was nothing without His Father’s strength to guide Him. Jesus was dependent of His Father to do anything, we must develop that same mindset that we must seek God before anything (John 15:4). Jesus worked miracles in seconds. Was it because He was God in flesh (John 1:14)? No, but because He consistently separated Himself to pray (Luke 5:16).
One of the most discouraging things to go through is to know that God is able to do something, but to be in a state where you don’t see any results. God says He is a healer, but you are sick (Isaiah 53:5). God promises to provide your needs, but you aren’t able to provide or meet certain requirements (Philippians 4:19). There are many different situations that you will find yourself in that will tempt you to question God. Never forget that God is bigger than your problems, and everything you go through is for your good and for God’s glory (Romans 8:28). Righteous people go through much problems, but God will deliver (Psalms 34:19).
Why pray?
– Prayer shows that we need God’s direction (Proverbs 3:5-6).
– God is sovereign, but He gave man authority on the earth. Therefore, He cannot work for us if we do not ask Him to (John 14:14).
– We do not understand some things, but God can give us knowledge (James 1:5).
We talk to people we love often. We do it to get to know more of them, why not talk to your Creator often? (Isaiah 55:6)
God wants to hear from you. We cannot always depend on others to pray for us, we need our own relationship (Luke 13:27).
Prayer is essential, not optional. You may feel as though nothing is happening yet, but you just have to be persistent (Luke 18:1-8). God loves to hear from you, will you give Him a few more minutes, hours, or maybe even your life?
“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” – Martin Luther King
Pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)


Who Gets More Time?

The easiest way to tell what a person loves is by checking where they spend the most time, money, and their talents. Everyone may not believe in God, but everyone worships. Some worship Jesus, while others worship other gods, their boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse, their car, homes, education, music artists and actors, models, or social networks. Sad to say, but many of us worship ourselves. Of course none of us bow down to these things or people (at least I hope not), but we worship them because we dedicate most of our time to them rather than to God. Am I saying God wants us to wake up and pray/read our bible until we fall asleep? No, but He surely shouldn’t have to compete to be in our schedule. God wants to be in control of our entire life not a part of our life.
So let me propose a question to you: who or what do you worship? Please don’t just say “God, duh. Next question.” Rather, please examine your busy schedule and see if it is centered around God. Let God be the most important part of your day or get the most devotion. Of course we all have things to do like work, school, take care of family, etc. but that’s no excuse to give God a few minutes of a day that He did not even have to give us. We should start trying to spend more time with God than with our television. That person you love may be great, but they do not deserve more time than the Man who thought you were to die for, Jesus! We often go through our “busy schedule” and find time to squeeze in the mall, phones, social networks, gossip, sin, gym, and then we give God the five minute prayer before a meal or bed (even though we are already half asleep).
O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; (Psalms 63:1)
By no means am I saying that “my priorities are set, I spend time with God for hours and I am perfect”. I am doing my best to give Him more time, as we all should. When we look at this previous verse we must understand what David was really trying to convey. David was in a literal wilderness! When in those types of conditions you’re without proper nutrition, any friends around, etc. Take Jesus for an example, after fasting in the wilderness, He was very hungry after (Matthew 4:2). However, despite David’s condition, he said he wanted more of God. David had an hunger for God, knowing that more of God was all that matters. He did not care about himself, but his mind was on getting more from God. Even though David committed adultery, he was considered as “a man after God’s heart” (Acts 13:22). It is not about your mistake, it is about your willingness to get up and seek God again. David was in constant pursuit of making God his number one priority.
Here are a few questions that I want us to read and answer truthfully. Do not be in denial, God knows the REAL you.
– Do we care more about winning souls to Christ or about our followers on social networks?
– Are we focused on living a life acceptable to God or one that conforms to society and makes us not looked weird or called “too holy”?
– Are we giving more to God with our tithes and offering than we do to the mall?
– Are we giving God leftovers or our best?
– Are we serving God with gladness or out of guilt, obligation, and fear of Hell?
– Do we know more lyrics than we know scriptures?
– Do we reach for our phone or bible when we get up?
– Do we pray for others or talk about them?
– Do we shout louder in praise or over a sporting event?
– Is Instagram more interesting than prayer?
There are so many questions that we can ask ourselves, but this is not to make us feel guilty, ashamed, or even say “you don’t earn salvation, you accept it”. This is about us willing to boldly forsake our worldly ways and pursue Christ. After all, God does not want most of our life, He wants us completely surrendered to Him. What can God do with someone who only wants to worship Him in a church setting? God cannot use a cyber Christian, God wants full time obedience. Worship the Creator, not His creation. People and things should never get more time and appreciation than God. Be grateful for everything you have, but do not make God feel as though you no longer care about Him. Jesus died for us, we should live for Him. Jesus did not die for us to go to church on Sunday and live like He doesn’t exist the rest of the week. What are you hungry for? Fame? Money? Love? Respect? None of that matters if you gain it and lose your soul (Matthew 16:25). Seek God now while you can, our days are limited. Let’s stop wasting it focused on the wrong things.
Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. (Isaiah 55:6)
– Tovares Grey


Imperfect, but Chosen

If you ever search throughout scriptures or simply read a few books in the bible, you will find that God chooses simple, uneducated, sinful people to go out and reach a broken and lost world. We often feel as though we are inadequate and not able to fulfill God’s plan for our lives because of our past or even because of our consistent mistakes. But God is more concerned about your obedience and your willingness, not your weaknesses.
Lets look at Biblical examples:
– Abraham was old
– Moses had a speech impediment
– Peter denied Jesus three times
– Paul used to kill Christians
– Lazarus was dead
– Leah had strange eyes
– Noah was a drunk
– Jeremiah/Timothy was young
– Samson was a womanizer
– David killed a man and committed adultery with his wife
– Jonah ran from God
– Jesus’ “inner circle” of disciples fell asleep during prayer
Now trust me when I say this, your circumstances doesn’t stop God’s plan for your life. God’s purpose for your life is bigger than your mistakes. No matter where we are coming from, God’s grace is strong enough to use us. It doesn’t matter how we look or where we grew up, God is able to use anyone for His glory. Never feel as though you can’t do something for God. Just make yourself available and watch God work.
And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. (Luke 9:23)
– Tovares Grey


Breath of God

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7)
God formed man out of dust. We were nonexistent, nothing to be admired, looked on or of even worth. Even when God formed us, we had no use whatsoever. Adam BECAME a living soul AFTER God breathed into him.
This is the very reason we need the breath of God to blow on and within us. Without God’s spirit we would still be dead and useless. Without His spirit, we would still be in sin, the world, and lost without a hope of salvation. When Jesus’ death reached our hearts and the moment we surrendered to Him, God breathed life into us.
God uses the outcasts, the rejected, the broken, poor, and the weak to show the world that we are all nothing without Him, but we can do everything THROUGH Him. It isn’t about where you came from, as long as God is behind you, nothing can stop you (Romans 8:31). Degrees, beauty, riches, and popularity doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that God is with us, nothing will be able to stop us then.
The children of Israel were labeled as a valley of dry bones (Ezekiel 37).
– Dry bones have no more use, you surely cannot find anything to do with them.
– There was absolutely NO life in them, so you know people ignored and gave up on them.
– When Ezekiel prophesied and believed God, The Lord breathed on the bones and they began to come together.
– Not only did they come together, but they became a great army.
It doesn’t matter how insignificant you were, when God breathes on you, you become great and you’re equipped to do His work.
– Moses had a speech impediment, but God used him.
– Timothy was young, but God used him.
– David killed and committed adultery, yet God used him.
– Paul was once a murderer of believers and turned into a GREAT missionary.
– We have our imperfections, flaws and carnal ways that make us feel that we cannot fulfill God’s call, but if you feel that way just ask Him to breathe on you once again. David was still a man after God’s heart. Many may judge you by your mistake, but you are not your mistake. You’re God’s child!
When God breathes in you, your spirit is awakened. Pray for God to breathe on you once again. Even if you feel He’s not listening, just keep seeking. Keep praying and reading His word. His word says He will fill you when you are hungry/thirsty.
In the beginning, when God decided to make the world, His Word says the earth was void and without a shape. However, it said that the Spirit of God moved on the waters (Genesis 1:2). God had to move on the earth before He went further. God wants to breathe on us once again. In the book of Acts, God poured His spirit out while the people were praying (Acts 2). That’s because He said in Luke 24:49, that they should wait for Him to empower them. Acts 1:8, said the Holy Spirit will give us power. Let’s not go further without asking God to breathe on us, ask Him today. God bless!
– Tovares Grey