The Show is Over

Lights… Camera… Action! The show has begun and the audience expects a good performance. You cannot afford to fail with all these people coming to watch you entertain them. After all, they didn’t have to watch you right? Make sure everyone has on their costumes and that replacements are in place. We must please the people that have come to the “show”!
Many will read that and think I am referring to a movie or a play, but I am actually referring to the Modern Church. It seems at times that the place where God once inhabited is now a circus or an amusement park. Remember that place where we actually went and out of respect kept quiet in church and listened to the pastor? Yeah, I am not sure what happened but it’s now the place where people use their phones during service. Are the people coming to worship God or to be restored? Not all the time, it’s more of a social thing. “I had to get out the house, it was too much arguing.” Or when you knew the people would treat you with love, but you sometimes go and feel rejected and isolated?
Let’s not forget the competition that takes place within ministry! “I sing better than you!”, “I preach better than you!”, “You’re not even saved, I pray and you never do!”, “He/she doesn’t deserve to be our leader, I work harder than them. This church is bias!” Or the people that only show up when there’s a big turn out? Not too interested in prayer services, bible study, or even practice. They just enjoy the spotlight given on Sunday. Sad to say, but most times it’s because they want to see who’s coming, who’s wearing what, and if the preacher can make me feel good. You know, when I can attend service enough to make it into Heaven, but not too much where I feel conviction and might have to actually change my lifestyle?
Am I targeting anyone or any church? Of course not! I need grace just like everyone else, I am just pointing to the bigger picture! If we are not careful, we can so easily lose sight of Jesus. We can attend church faithfully, and not actually be a follower of Jesus. You and I must wake up everyday asking ourselves, “what can I change to please God more?” You see, it’s easy to turn God’s house into an entertainment center. We do not preach about repentance because it might scare our visitors away. We do not talk about principles God has set because it may cause us to lose members, things such as tithing, holiness, forgiveness, or even Hell. We tend to point just towards grace so much that we give people a false perception of God. God has many attributes, and to make people think He does not get angry or sad by our decisions is total deception.
I honestly believe that every believer will serve Jesus differently. That is simply because He made us differently, that is why I do not believe in comparing anyone or any church. Some people jump and some people stay still. Some people are quiet and some are loud. Even though I believe we should be free and give God everything, I will not say your heart is not pure if you aren’t jumping like me. I just know sometimes it’s necessary to shout with the voice of triumph (Psalm 47:1) or dance and spin (Psalm 118:24); the word rejoice here in Hebrew means to spin in a violent, radical manner. Off topic, but don’t be afraid to worship, who cares what people think?
My point to you is this, God does not want us to dilute His Word to get more people in church. Jesus told people some hard things and at one point it caused many to walk away from Him (John 6:66). He simply separated the fans from the followers! The Gospel and everything God requires will offend people. When you hear it, you will either walk away or follow Jesus, but that is the point. Do not change it to please people. Hurt someone with the truth before you comfort them with a lie (PLEASE, do it in love). So whether you are a minister, pastor, musician, or just someone that goes to church, let it be genuine. God knows our heart and it makes no sense that we try to fool Him. Be open with God and repent if you have to. But we must go back to the heart and true meaning of worship. When it is all about Jesus. I understand we cannot make every service sometimes, we are human; and church attendance does not make us saved, but do not think church is the place to go when you “feel like it”. It’s where we go to worship with the body of Christ, and to be a blessing, not just expect a blessing.
Get the actors off stage, and let church begin. – Kirk Franklin
Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord. (Lamentations 3:40)

Daily Declarations

Studies show that most people must hear something around 7 times in order for them to retain it, and some people say it takes around 21 days of repeating something to form a habit. I wouldn’t call people foolish, it just simply takes awhile to train our minds to operate a certain way. We must understand that no one is born good or bad, we become that way because of our daily actions. The devil wasn’t always evil, but when his thoughts got evil, his lifestyle became evil.
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: (1 Peter 2:9)
It’s time for us to see ourselves the way God sees us. Stop defining yourself by your situation or your weakness. You say you’re weak, but God says to declare that you are strong (Joel 3:10). You say you’re ugly, insignificant or nothing to be admired, but God’s Word says you’re wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14).
Arguably, the best boxer of all time is Muhammad Ali (I’m sure he’d beat your favorite fighter). One of his methods of winning was not necessarily his quick jabs and hook shots, it was actually his mouth! Yes, it was his mouth that won most of his fights! He would always say something catchy like: “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. You can’t beat the greatest because I am Muhammad Ali.”, or “his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see.” Some may say that has nothing to do with boxing, but actually it has a lot to do with it. Ali would torment his opponents with his annoying lines, and before the fight he has already beaten them in their minds. Ali would have them swinging out of anger, and they would tire out extremely early. Ali even told some guys which round he was planning to knock them out in. Some say he was too prideful, that may be true, but I say Ali was extremely wise.
I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin. (Romans 7:25)
If you could understand that, please understand this: the battle is won in your mind. If you think you can succeed and you keep telling yourself you can, then you will. If you think you will fail, and walk with a defeated mind, then you will lose. Ali didn’t just annoy his opponents, he made himself more confident knowing that he doesn’t even have to swing a punch but his opponent is mentally defeated! I pray that us as believers learn from this man! It is time to wake up everyday and look the devil in the face and say “you can throw your weapons at me, but they won’t prosper”, “you can tempt me with pornography, but I am not looking”, and you can even say “nice blow, but now that I’m more dependent on Jesus, you can come with your best shot and I am not falling down again!”, “I know what the doctor sees, but my God is bigger than any disease!” Too many of us want to win the battle, but we walk around as if we don’t have power from God. Wake up, walk in your authority!
But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. (Isaiah 43:1)
Anyone who doesn’t know their worth, will easily allow themselves to be defined and labeled by people. People that have no clue of their purpose usually become lost in the crowd and never fulfill their purpose on this earth. That does not have to be you if you choose to seek God through His Word. When you seek Him, you will understand who you are, Whose you are, and why you are here. When you begin to say “I am…(something)…”, you attract whatever it is you say and you will eventually be that by your faith. So please, be careful what you speak over yourself and others.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (Proverbs 18:21)
Remember, it’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to. When people say hateful things and you get angry, part of you may think it’s true. Someone can call me a thief all they want, but I won’t feel guilty or upset since I do not steal. Too many of us live for man’s acceptance, but in return we will die from their rejection. Their isolation will destroy us mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. That is why we must all know that our worth and significance is in Jesus. Do not think it is in a person, because if they were ever to walk away, die, divorce you or you just grow apart, that means part of you will never be complete. Our value is in Jesus.
This may be crazy to some of you, but I want to challenge you to write down 5 things (on paper, phone wallpaper, iPad, or anywhere you will see it again like on your refrigerator) that God says about you and I want you to repeat them in the morning, night, in the car, or whenever you have time. If you are a person that is sick, make sure one of your 5 is, “I am healed”. Try this for one week and have faith, watch your situation begin to line up with God’s Word.
My list of daily declarations (Just 5):
1. I am the head and not the tail.
2. I am no slave to sin, I am loosed because of Jesus.
3. My family will be saved.
4. I am a lender, not a borrower.
5. I am a carrier of God and I will spread His Word.
– Tovares Grey


Temporary Problems | Eternal God

Bills, school, work (maybe even unemployment), family issues, sickness and diseases, broken relationships… The list goes on and on. We all face problems daily that make us really question God. “Are you even real?”, “if you loved my mom, why did you allow her to pass away?”, I work hard, tithe, and I give to the homeless, why can’t my bills ever get paid on time for a change?”, and some of us get a bit crazy and say “God, will I get married before you return?” (Funny, but serious). Many of us go through trying times and we want to know where God is. I can tell you where He is. It’s easy because He never moved, He is right beside you! God is carrying you through every situation, sickness, struggle, fire, storm, and he is bringing you out more refined, more humble, and ultimately more dependent on Him. Remember the scripture that says God gives beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3)? Well you must go through the fire to get the ashes that God exchanges for beauty. No cross, no crown. We all have to go through something, it’s inevitable and quite profitable if you stay in it and learn from it.
For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. (Romans 8:18)
God is bigger than whatever is stressing you out. Don’t allow problems to determine how you see God, let God change the way you see your problems. Remember that everything we go through won’t be good, but it will be for our good. Meaning you may experience many losses, but God now has more room to give you more or something better. However, I don’t want you to focus on finances, money doesn’t determine if you have a relationship with God. Sometimes, God takes us through a famine to remind us that He alone can sustain. The devil knows we already have the victory, it’s just up to you to understand the concept. You are fighting from victory, not for victory. No matter what you go through, it can do nothing but build you up. The enemy wants to knock you to your feet, but guess what? You’re in perfect position to pray and allow God to strengthen and lift you right back up. Win-Win situation!
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)
Choose today to no longer live by feelings, but by your faith in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:7). Problems will arise, maybe right after reading this blog, but guess what, God is with you in trouble (Psalms 46:1). Don’t run away from it, God is with you. God allowed the enemy to make weapons, but He won’t allow any of them to prosper (Isaiah 54:16-17). God promised to never leave us, be encouraged!
Declare this (by tweeting or setting this as your status):
My problems are only temporary, but my God is eternal. He will come though!
– Tovares Grey