3 Tips to Getting Over an Ex

One of the most common questions/concerns I get in my inbox are typically along these lines: “I was dating someone for a few years and we just broke up…”, “How do I get over my ex?”, and the very frequent “I didn’t mind him/her saying let’s take a break to focus on God, but two weeks later they’re seeing someone else.” 
Getting over an ex is not easy, because there is no “on/off” switch to love or how we feel. However, there are a few tips to actually recovering from that breakup.  

Spend time with God. 

It will never make sense to me when someone says they can’t get over an ex, but they aren’t spending time with God. If you are spending all of your time reminiscing over pictures and going down memory lane, your heart will always be in that state of brokenness. In the presence of God, there is fulness of joy (Psalms 16:11), there is liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17), and there is peace (Isaiah 26:3). Of course the list goes on, there is so much we find by seeking God. 
Being in God’s presence places our lives into perspective. In Isaiah 6, the Bible shows us that the prophet Isaiah saw God in the year of the king’s death. Isaiah was a man of God, but in God’s presence realized just how unclean and lost he was without God. However, the part that gets to me is that he didn’t really see that much of God until someone died. Meaning, if the king was still alive, maybe he would’ve never noticed how big God really is. It wasn’t until king Uzziah was removed that Isaiah could have this experience. 
Sometimes God has to remove a person out of our lives for us to see Him for who He is. Sometimes we never notice that Jesus is the most important thing to happen to us until He is all we have left. Relationships easily becomes idols in our lives when we don’t keep things into proper perspective. 
Your worth is not in someone or something you can lose, your value is in Jesus Christ. Your identity is not in your ex, spouse, degree, etc., it is only found in Jesus. Until you learn to find purpose in Jesus, you’ll continue seeking it from others.  
“In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.” (‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭6:1‬)

Stop seeking closure/an apology. 

One of the worse things we can do is to only trust God when things go our way. Meaning, it is very easy to love God when He gives the desires of your heart, but will we still obey if He removes that person? To love is to be vulnerable. We trust someone and that gives them the power to hurt us. Is it God’s plan for us to be hurt? No. Is it God’s plan for you to get cheated on or abused? No, and it never will be. However, God allows things to work together for our good; it’s just a matter of will you trust Him?  
Does God restore broken relationships? YES! 
I’m currently engaged to be married, all glory to God because she’s pretty amazing, and I tried to pursue her once before around 2011. It didn’t work out. Thankfully, it didn’t end on bad terms. The timing was just off, so it didn’t happen. I’m glad it didn’t though because I was clueless on how to be in a serious relationship (it’s not even easy now), all of this is a learning experience that Jesus has to help us through. So God protected her from my immaturity, selfishness, etc. and allowed us both to just focus on His plan. She finished school and I ended up joining the military and finishing school here now. I wouldn’t say God didn’t open that door so we could get degrees first, but He didn’t let us get what we desired because His plans were better than ours. So I understand that God can mend broken relationships, just stay focused on Him and let Him do the mending, not your emotions. We should be sure God is the one who led us back to an ex, not loneliness. 
Does God restore all broken relationships? NO! 
Many people ask me daily, will God send back my ex (this is after mentioning a relationship that doesn’t appear to have had God as the focus), and all I can do is simply think is, “why do you even want them back?” Of course I wouldn’t say that, because we all sometimes are addicted to what’s destroying us. My point is, most times relationships end because they weren’t ever in God’s plan to begin with. If you tell me that they are only after sex, in my opinion, God didn’t send them. If they only want they can get from you, they don’t love you. If they’re willing to drop you whenever they’re bored or there is an argument, that was NEVER love to begin with. 
Sometimes you have to learn that some relationships are temporary and you only hurt yourself when you refuse to let go. We will outgrow some people that come into our lives, and that is okay. Some people only pretended to love God to get your attention, but you can’t become lukewarm to keep them. If you have to sin to get them, you’ll have to continue compromising to keep them. 
Why do we as humans hurt others? Not because we are cruel, but because of sin. So we have to show grace to those who hurt us, but we also have to realize when God is the one who delivered us from a relationship.  
“There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.” (Proverbs‬ ‭19:21‬)

Stop checking on their every move.

I’m not saying you have to delete numbers and unfollow someone if you two stop dating, but you have to give yourself space to heal. Trying to figure out why they chose someone else will hurt you. Checking their page to see if they’re miserable shows you’re not healed. If they’re happy, you’ll only feel jealousy or anger. Unplug from social media, stop reminiscing daily and then just sit in God’s presence. They’re doing just fine, pray for them and move forward. 
Can you imagine how much we work against God when we pray, “God please give me the strength to get through this breakup”, then turn around and check your ex’s page (or their families so you can be more “discrete”)? We are basically slowing down what God wants to do. It is not God’s will for you to be bitter. 
“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:3‬)
If you took none of my advice, please hear this part: God will not remove anything from your life if He wasn’t protecting you, or giving you better. Trust God’s plan. Sometimes we orchestrate our own life and then bring it to God as if He should cosign to our emotional/spiritual downfall. God knows best, just learn to trust and obey. 
Grace and peace,
Tovares Grey

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  1. Thanks so much your post has really given me a life change…
    I thank God for everything.your post just came right on time.God bless you so much

    1. Wow, this was a just in time message…I found your page the other day and read this message today…it was meant for me to read!!! Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for sharing this article, I really appreciate it and it really tells the truth. God will remove people in your life that makes them as your world and idol. God is a jealous god. He wants us to focus on Him and not on earthly things. I recently had a breakup with my ex 2 weeks ago and it was really painful. I can’t accept to myself that he replaced with a woman he only got to know for the first time. I got disappointed with him because he really don’t want to tell truth but in fact I already knew it. I just want to see him telling it with all his honesty. All of our happy memories for 2 years was lost all of a sudden. Right now I am happy because I can see God’s purpose was for my good. As His daughter, He just want the best for me. He wants me not to settle anything for less instead, wait for the right time to come and wait for the man that He will send to love me and to make God as the center of our relationship

  3. Thank you for sharing this article, I really appreciate it and it really tells the truth. God will remove people in your life that makes them as your world and idol. God is a jealous god. He wants us to focus on Him and not on earthly things. I recently had a breakup with him 2 weeks ago and it was really painful. I can’t accept to myself that he replaced with a woman he only got to know for the first time. I got disappointed with him because he really don’t want to tell truth but in fact I already knew it. I just want to see him telling it with all his honesty. All of our happy memories for 2 years was lost all of a sudden. Right now I was happy because I can see God’s purpose was for my good. As His daughter, He just want the best for me. He wants me not to settle anything for less instead, wait for the right time to come and wait for the man that He will send to love me and to make God as the center of our relationship.

  4. This is the best post I’ve ever read on healing from past relationships! Thanks so much for sharing this. Continue writing with the blessing God has given you, take care!

  5. Mr Grey
    I follow your godlydating blog all the way from south africa. I just read your article about getting over an ex. Its funny how God works because I just prayed that he helps me heal and get over my ex and the relationship before I saw your piece. He was really good to me and enhanced my walk with God. He broke up with me so we can both focus on God and our spiritual growth individually before we make the decision to marry. We both wanted to wait for marriage before we have sex but it was becoming very hard for both of us, this led to us ending the relationship as it was killing us spiritually. I recently found out he has a girlfriend and although we were still intouch as friends he did not tell me this. I decided to cut all contact with him. I was hurt. However I was still going through our pictures and stalking his new gf on social media. After reading your article i feel the healing can really start now. Thank you for the tips. God has used you to speak to me. I pray he may continue to use you to bless others. Thank you so much.

    1. I went through a similar xperience, though there was no sexual tension, but issues relating to her earnestly in plans we made. She basically broke each promise she made onwards our plans because friend were advising her otherwise. I have ended the relationship too and waiting on God to point me elsewhere according to his will and plan

    2. Hey Im a south african woman too. Im hanging on to a guy who’s spiritual walk is not good and Im afraid to let go because of what possibly might be the end result. Him being with another girl….

  6. Pls I have a question, How is a Christian lady supposed to handle an ex (Christian brother) who keeps flaunting his next in her face especially when she still has feelings for him and hasn’t moved on. How does one handle/pray/move on from the situation? This has caused her to be bitter for 3 years and the ex doesn’t seem remorseful especially as he was the one who broke up with Her without any reason. Pls kindly reply cos its confusing

    1. Has she read this article? She really ought to as I have found it helpful. Also, has she considered that on some level, he may be showing out because of a deep rooted pain? In any case, I pray for healing but I pray for forgiveness as well. It would be impossible for God to help Lady if she won’t let go of what is hurting her and that includes forgiveness. Lastly, I pray that the Lord may help Lady-In-Question to let go of her ex and implore her to seek the Lord on this matter. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.

      1. Thanks Mara but Who / what could have caused the deep rooted pain? He broke up with my friend not the other way round. This is the second lady she has seen him with since the break-up 3 years ago and he doesn’t even try to be discreet about it. he even bragged to some friends IN MY FRIEND’S PRESENCE, about marrying this one. I know my friend might seem pathetic to some but she has tried all she can to get over this guy. Another thing is that even with the fact that she consciously puts herself out there, she has still not met anyone she likes or is interested in.
        Pls help as my friend is in her 30s now and is beginning to get really worried.

  7. Great advice. This really opened my eyes to why I cannot forget and move on. Thank you for explaining the breakup routine and why we do not let go. I feel so much better now, knowing it is God’s plan.

  8. I started crying reading this. God has kept me focused on him. Mt fiance and I broke up “officially” in February 2016. That man was my idol and I didn’t even realize it..I just knew I loved him dearly. At the time we were together, I wasn’t saved. Towards the end of the relationship, Jesus made it so I could move out of the house we were living in, without being penalized (because we both were on a 2yr lease) and allowed me to move out and get into another place (even though at the time my credit was shot and I didn’t think I would get approved) shortly after.. Not to much longer after I left, I gave my life to him. It’s been a bumpy road and I’ve fallen before, but now I know God has something better than I can ever imagine.. The lonliness gets to me sometimes, but I’m after God’s heart.. I won’t look back anymore..

  9. Thia article has given me some hope. I know this feeling very well. I was in a relationship with my childs father for 3 years. I did not have my son until july of 2015. My relationship had great times and there were also very horrible times. I was cheated on, lied to, and hurt in ao many ways. I stayed with him because i loved him so much and i loved his previous 2 daughters that he had, they were my world even before i had my son. Are last year of our relationship was so emotional for me being that i had just gave birth to my son and was suffering from postpartum depression. My sons father was there but he wasint there. As a child i grew up in a christian home. My father backslid but my mother kept pushing. Eventually they got a divorce. The entire time i was in a relationship with my sons father i didnt think to consider God until 3 months before i gave birth. I gave my life back to god 1 month after i had my son. I was still living with my son father but stopped having sexual contact with him because i knew i was serious about my ? with God. It was so hard for me because i felt like i was in a situation where i had to please him or please God. June of 2016 i gave up and decided that we should split, he was not interested in my walk with God , i felt that he thought i was going to be a lukewarm Christian but i didnt want that. It hurt me so bad because i separated with a child. I still loved him deeply but knew that it was time for me to walk with God. Now he is currently in a new relationship in less than 5 months and i feel deeply depressed and hurt. I would check his fb page frequently too see what was going on and it was doing was making me hurt more. I cried to God asking him why. All i wanted was my family to be together. I even went ot the extenxt of confessing my love for him still. My hardest part of this break up is that there is a child involved and now my only child has to grow seprate from his parents. Im trying my best ro accept what God is doing in my life. I will not say that it is easy because it is so hard. After reading this post it gave me hope that God knows what he is doing. Even though it is still hard for me to understand, i am trying my best to trust what he will pre pare for me. Thank you for this article

    1. I am currently going through a similar experience. I commend you for putting your son first and yourself. I did not have that strength instead I stayed until things got toxic . I was left with a newborn and a broken heart. I took that hurt turned it into anger and seeking love from others. It finally put me in a place where I questioned my self worth. I recently broke up with my ex and looked to him to help me get out of my hard times but man will fail you every time. I now am looking to God. I think you saved yourself from a lot of hurt by doing what you did. I admire your strength and wish the best for you.

  10. Hi, I’m so grateful for this. I was engaged for a year to a non Christian and realised that he was pulling me away from God. I gave him to God and asked him to have His way in the relationship and he ended it, saying he didn’t want to marry me. It was a huge shock (because I secretly wanted my happy ending, even though I trusted God with the outcome). It still hurts seven months later, but it would have been a disastrous marriage, so I’m so glad my Father in heaven loved me enough to stop it. Dealing with the pain isn’t easy, especially coming up to our first Christmas apart for four years. But I’ve trusted that God will give me a wonderful man (I’ve made a list and prayed over it) and I’m going to focus on Him until that happens. Comforting to know that it’s not just me going through this.

  11. I needed this.I was still struggling on how to get over my ex,but this just gave me hope that I’ll be able to move on & be happy without him(ex)

  12. This is so true! The same thing happened to my husband and I..The timing wasn’t right. We both ended up with the wrong ppl abd couldn’t see it…God eventually removed them from our lives. We want aware that we were going through although it was in different years.. after He removed them, we stayed focused on God and only God…my husband said he never remarried because he knew we would eventually meet back up because God showed it to him..Many ppl have said to me and behind my back…” You can’t be healed yet, you need to wait until you’re healed good before dating again or getting into another relationship. It’s been a year since my last relationship. God brought my friend/soul mate back into my life after 4 years. I asked God to heal me abd strip all soul ties from me…Being in God’s presence all the time and seeking his face for the healing,guidance,strength, peace…allowed me
    to healed quicker than I can even explain..so to some it was so soon..saying you can not be healed…but they forgot Who it was .That healed me..it wasn’t man, it was Almighty, all powerful,, master physician God!!! His ways are not like ours, His thoughts are not like ours..I Know He did it!!! And now I’m married to a wonderful, man I’d God!! NOW I know God’s timing is always perfect. I wasn’t a lonely woman seeking a man..I saught God and He brought His man to me. Blessings!!

    1. Thank you for your testimony. I just ended a relationship that was “bad timing”. We met while he was going through a divorce mid-last year. I told him we needed to leave us in 2015 until he finished his business. He held on and I did too. We started off as friends and grew even closer. A quarter into this year, the divorce didn’t happen and they decided to reconcile for the kids. That tore me up! I broke it off and a couple of months later we were back talking. He was still reconciling, although, over there. We still loved one another and missed our friendship…. I continued to pray for my broken heart to be healed and broke it off a couple times knowing this wasn’t right. A couple of days ago I broke it off for good and told him that I need to heal and that I’m not taking this into 2017. I’ve given it completely over to God. If he’s for me, he will be. No more manipulation of my heart by checking his fb page to see if it’s happy or bad…. none of it makes me feel better. I love this man and he loves me too and we’re compatible in so many ways including knowing Christ, but, it wasn’t our time. We met for a reason, I like to say…. I wasn’t even supposed to be there that night! I’m not sitting waiting on him or anyone else for that matter. I’m focusing on the Lord this time. All the other ways in past relationships including a marriage/divorce of 11 that didn’t work, so, I’ll give it all to my Lord who truly loves me.

  13. This was a very good article! Thank you for sharing it!! Isn’t this what we all want and need?! It’s a matter of recognizing what we are doing/have done, understanding what we must do, and then put our whole being in motion to make God first in all our ways, always! Then let God guide you in His perfect Plan!! I pray this in the glorious name of Yeshua!!! Amen.

  14. This is EXACTLY why my ex wanted to break up….so that we could focus on God and His will for our lives. While I have no problems with that at all, deep in my heart I feel like there was more to it and I’m just waiting to hear “through the grapevine” about his new interest. I thought he was the one. Four years we were together. However, God has shown up BIG time in only ways that He can through my pain. Thank you for sharing this….

  15. Currently dealing with a bad breakup, however reading this has given me hope. Even though the tears are heavy now, GOD is my pillow to cry into.

  16. This is very good advice. I agree with what you said about God is protected her from me because of my immaturity and I am so glad that it never work out the first time and now that He had changed my heart and renewed my mind I know I am a better person now and ready to be in a relationship and I have become wiser knowing what God’s will is for me. Right now I have made my choice to rest in Him because He knows what’s best for me and that He is my Father. About the girl that I’m in love with I don’t need her and I’m letting her go not wanting to be with her in the future because of the differences we have like purpose. I bless her and I know the Lord is taking very good care of her. God bless her and may she prosper and brings glory to the Father through Jesus Christ her Lord and Saviour.

  17. Thanks for these encouraging and inspiring words. Was very much needed now in my life. Just put to end a fruitless relationship. It has taught me to find solace in God and be closer to God more than ever. I am crazy in love with Jesus and trust God always.

  18. Thanks so much..it is very helpful though it is not easy dealing with a break up with some one you loved with all left in your soul,it also hurt when they can’t fight for the love you share, when they easily treads you with their family sentiments! But ThankGod for his plan for me is of good and not of evil,to give me an expected end! He knows that some relationships will destroy his giftings in us .

  19. This is so wonderful and helpful… I needed this badly! Though Holy Spirit has already taught me some of the principles, I feel good to get this confirmation. I broke with my ex because he wasn’t born again and he was not yet ready to get in. I knew I was wrong to date him since we started but I was immature enough to set the limits earlier. The relationship costed us more that four wasted years. We shared some resources some of which can’t be recovered. I am still trying to pursue him to lend back the money I borrowed him, he has started to do so after so m such prayers as I am now unemployed and in need of money. I am not sure how much will I be able to recover but I thank God I am at peace. I am focusing on my relationship with God… I don’t stalk on him and I don’t wanna know what is happening with his life now. I just pray for him sometimes…I get bad dreams about us sometimes. I know God is working things together for our good…and I long to see his purpose fulfilled. I am 38 years old but I am surprised how God has made me calm and collected in my singleness… Sometimes I sense the pressure from family and friends but I also get the encouragement from the Ancient of days. I know His plans for me are so much good than I could ever imagine…

  20. I can see myself on this post. For years, I have been living in the shadow of my past reminiscing over memories which made me more depressed because I was the one who messed up everything until I realized that I was making the mistake of pursuing the provision and missing the provider. What I mean is that I didn’t spend time with God and even when I did I was basically slowing down on what God wanted to do in my life, but things have changed now because I have everything. When you have Jesus, you have everything. You have peace, righteousness, forgiveness, wisdom, health, power, provision, favor and every blessing.

  21. hi i read this an it is helpful its how to keep it going with out giving into going on the ex’s page or the person who he or she is dating…when you feel this way what do you do?? how do you distract yourself from obsessing/stalking ?? And how long does it take effect and you just stop caring
    thank you

      1. yes i know! id just like to understand your tips better! what i am asking is like when you feel the need to obsess/stalk what is your go to how do you choose to distract yourself?

  22. Amazing. I needed this so much. I’m going through a “break” with someone I’ve been with for 8 months. At first, our relationship was great but not very God focused but with in the past 5 months, it has been. He’s helped me regain my relationship with Christ and has brought me back to church. However, he said he wants a break cuz he’s in another state for work over the summer and he wants us to grow on our own and not be chained together. I agree with this but this also made me realize that he doesn’t treat me as well as I’d like so it’s best if we break it off. We are still going to be friends and maybe we’ll try again when he comes back. I’m putting everything in God’s hands and trusting Him. He knows me better than anyone and He knows what’s best for me.

  23. 10 days after breaking up with my ex boyfriend, the Lord reminded me of the story of David and Eliab. Looking at my ex, he seems perfect but I was reminded that men looks at the physical appearance but God looks at the heart. I am still young (just turned 23) and I am growing in the Lord. I am excited to meet my David in the future, a man after God’s own heart. I really cried out to God after the break up and I felt so comforted. Our God is really the Greatest Comforter and if you seek Him, He’ll reveal His great plans for your life. Wait for someone who will pursue Christ with you. <3

  24. Thank you so much. My situation is a little confusing but after having my friends continuing to advice me to ignore her & focus on god even more I was having a hard time not thinking about those happy memories I have with her. After reading this, I have nothing else to say but to trust him, no matter what the situation is, or how bad it is, continue to trust in the lord.
    For whoever who is going through the pain of a break up.. just remember that, he’s here with us, every single of us. We might think he’s not listening or doing anything but he already had planned our lives for ourselves we just gotta trust him.

    1. Yes! Went threw similar situation, he announced marriage in front of the whole congregation at my church, 2 days later he broke up with me. Prayed & cried however, I know God has something way better planned. Just going to contuie to trust in him.

      1. I want to reach there too.To see myself finally healing..It’s been a month of deep sadness???He cheated on me..and his friends that he used to introduced to me,knew it before I did..I feel so devastated.A lot of things happened and it was out of control.I really feel exhausted.Why do someone would do that…I keep on praying and praying…

        1. I know it’s hard, just to keep trusting in God. Believe me I still struggle & try find things to keep my mind occupied. It’s a healing process, day by day. Not going to happen overnight. Ask holy spirit to guide you. Once you surrender it to him the healingsyarts. Feel free to ask any questions or even if need advice
          My email eboneebuchanan33@gmail.com

  25. My issue was I was dating a brother from my church. We were having a great time together until I found he was married and never got his divorce. It has messed with my mind because why would God allow him to pursue me. I was not lusting, because I am a minister. I really don’t understand this and why we he play hame with my hear? I asked the guy & he never responded. I am still waiting on God to tell me something too?

    1. For one, God did not make him pursue you. The devil is after us daily. I’m sorry that you couldn’t see God’s warning in time. Praying for you, please don’t allow his bad behavior to have you question yourself. God is able to heal you.

    2. That was, why do men, who are married play games with women hearts in the Church. This is what the world does. It should not be allowed to take place in the church and that brother should have been sat down from his ministry, but me protect one another in the church. Where are the praying mothers of the house? Someone should have known to tell him to leave the sister alone and you are out of order my brother. Where is God in this and from a man’s perspective, what would you do to help your sister out?

      1. Your perspective is bad.
        1. Women do the very same thing. Just because this happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to men.
        2. We don’t need “praying mothers” to know when something is off if we are obedient to God and using discernment ourselves. You should have noticed it wasn’t God’s plan and stopped it right there.
        3. You should never be entertaining a married man, that’s just something no one should do.
        4. We have a blog on getting over an ex that can help you through the healing process.

  26. Thank u for this article! Basically i truly feel addicted to my ex, who btw is extremely religious in the last 3 yrs or so, but we were together for many yrs before and while we both struggled w addiction. Happily we are both in longterm recovery. My issue has so been romanticizing our relationship and also fantasizing of how great it would be now that we’re both in pursuit of a God bible driven life. But we’re long distance and his life seems to really be falling into place. Mine however seems to be at a slower pace and definitely not so God provided, if that makes sense. Anyway i’m just going to work on using these tips and focus on letting him go n building and nurturing my relationship with God. Im so tired of missing and obsessing over him. If he’s my partner from God i got to stop trying to make it happen when i want. Thanks n sorry so long

  27. Thank you so much for this, I just broke up with my fiancé didn’t last up to three months after we had our engagement, thankfully we had no legal wedding so no need for a divorce, yes it hurts! But I realized at this point I needed God more than ever, when we were engaged and living together I had literally drawn away from God and everyone trying to focus on my home! I’m thankful for the break up, we might get back but that’s really up to God though we don’t talk anymore but I believe that Gods will and only His will will be done in my life. God bless you

    1. I don’t think it’s up to God for you guys to get back together. You’ve got to decide what you want. That’s why God gave us the gift to choose…it is a choice and not dependent on God.

      1. Yes. God gave us the will of choose. But as sinners, and as simply human beings, we tend to make the wrong choices and we all make mistakes. So maybe what she means is, that it will be God’s will, in the sense that IF that God’s plan for the relationship to be restored, she will be faithful that God will reveal that to them, and light the way for the right decision, either it is to get back together or to never do so, and move on.
        Because like it’s said in this Article God works all things for the good, and he has a purpose in everything. So i truly believe he can guide us, light the way, so that we don’t allow the devil take us into the wrong choices. We must remain strong with faith and love and grace of God.

  28. I recently broke up with my guy. Anytime we had argument he threatens me with breakup.he always complain about who I am.n want me 2 change. Thanks b 2 God he ended up by saying we should quite. Am allowing myself to be healed by God.n know that God hv some one out there better for me.

  29. God bless you ….am blessed by this. My latter will definitely be greater than my former. God wouldn’t give me stone for bread.

  30. Thank you so much for this, It’s what I really need.
    But is it wrong to make some kind of prayer after breakup? Like “Lord bring us back together n make things work out in the future if it’s your will”

    1. I do not believe so. I believe it is wrong to pray that prayer and let that consume you. Because you’ll idolize that person and the idea of being with them. Which will in return lead to your emotions leading you back and you’ll be thinking that it was God leading you.

  31. Just today i was asking God to help me through my breakup. Its been 3 months but i still love him all the same. We are both youth leaders in our church so it hasnt been easy. Reading ypur post has made realise that God makes no mistakes, i just have to trust Him. Our relationship maybe restored or not but my focus has to entirely be on God. Thank you for a wonderful post.

  32. Thanks for this article. Thank God for coming across this great platform of Believers, going through this break up might have been difficult, now I know God is involved.Now, it’s time for me to focus on my father and enjoy every second with him until he direct my Boaz to me. And this time around, no more compromising, we are doing it the godly way. No shortcuts.
    God is healing me and I trust Hime solely

  33. A had a breakup last year .Shortly after He got engaged to someone else then married her recently …but I keep blaming myself…I should have done that or I should not have said that…it’s hard to see that break up as God’s will. what should I do

  34. My situation is kind of unique. God revealed to me whom my wife would be when I was 19. We dated for five years and she just recently broke up with me. HER reason was because she didn’t see certain things happening in my life yet. And that she had given me 5 years of her life and that she is 25 and not getting younger etc. She said she wants the break up to motivate me to get to where she wants to see me at. She also said that she felt a prompting from God to go ahead and break up. I was upset at first because I wasn’t feeling peace about the reasons for the break up, as i felt all of this was my fault. She also said that ever since I had told her that God showed me that she would be my wife, she has felt confused and mentally cloudy. I admit that I should have NEVER told her that. I was young and that was during a time that I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that. There was a point in our relationship where she said she was sure that God revealed to her that I am her husband, but I feel because she hasn’t been seeing the results she wants, she began to question whether it was God or not. But I fully believe God has shown me that she is my future spouse. Through spending time with God I found out that He did indeed want us to break up, but the reason wasn’t because of me alone. It was because He wanted spiritual maturity to be developed within us. I believe people can be so focused on being outwardly prepared for marriage that they neglect being spiritually prepared. Which I feel the latter is most important. Even though the relationship ended so abruptly, there is a peace residing within me that I know only the Father can provide. I don’t have all the answer as to why it happened when it happened or why my ex did what she did but I’m trusting God to work it all out. My issue is that we are both worship leaders and apart of other departments within our church as well. So it is difficult because we are around each other more often than people who are broken usually up are. She has taken it upon herself to avoid me and ignore me so she is currently not speaking to me. She said she needs healthy space from me and wants to rid herself of her romantic feelings for me. She has cut off most forms of communication from me. I don’t have a problem talking with her as I have nothing but love for her and have been relying on God’s grace to give me the ability to overcome my emotions. What should I do?

    1. Give her space. God knows your desire is to be with her and you’ve prayed about it already. Allow Him to restore it if He chooses, but just move forward. Forcing it will only push her away.

  35. When theres an argument. When both partners are going through patch in their personal life and Later, one partner walks away while the other strives to bring them back by every means, wanting a second chance in the relationship with a strong will. I have been seeking during my happy and bad times. Can i ask god to restore this relationship which i really for

  36. When theres an argument. When both partners are going through patch in their personal life and Later, one partner walks away while the other strives to bring them back by every means, wanting a second chance in the relationship with a strong will. I have been seeking god during my happy and bad times. Can i ask god to restore this relationship which i really wish for?

  37. I was in a relationship with my ex for 5 years, we both break up because a misscomunucation and i realize that it was because of my immaturity. I found a character of Godly man in Him. I pray now that if God want me n my ex get back He will lead us, know i confuse what will i do. i’ve pray for 7 months but i’ve no sign from my ex that he want get back with me. Now, what will i do ? Do you think its a good idea when i wait for a sign from God that my ex is God’s will or not ???? Thankyou for helping me through this confuse feelings.

  38. I tend to Love hard I guess you can say I wear my heart on my sleeve. My last relationship has taken a huge toll on me. I’ll admit my part and own up to the fact I made a lot of bad choices and acted irrational. Even after he and I broke up I didnt allow him enough space to sort out his feelings. Neither of us are perfect we both have work to do. I fell for a GOD Fearing man and pushed him to the point we aren’t speaking currently. I know one day we will but we both need time to focus more on ourselves especially me. I know my impatience is a huge problem I tend to try to fix anything I do wrong failing to realize I only make things worse when I do that. Im always hard on myself. I’ve talk to GOD every day. I pray all the time..All Day. Morning and Night. Something I wasn’t doing when I was dating. Sometimes I wonder if praying for GOD about the same thing so much is wrong and that I maybe babbling. It just hurts so bad cause I’ve been through this before and it’s taken a toll on me cause I truly saw this man as my husband. No jokes I remember in the middle of my prayer one morning out of no where was he and I at “our” wedding. I dont even know what brought that about. I guess what I like to know is how am I supposed to know when it’s GOD speaking to me and not my heart/mind playing tricks on me??? The devil knows Im sensitive and has used that to get to me I tend to over think EVERYTHING to the point I get on my own nerves. I Love this man with all my Heart but I know I acted immature at times. Neither of Us handled things the best way. Now I miss him and want him back but Im just so afraid it wont happen….I don’t know how to Let GO and LET GOD… 🙁

    1. Hey, you’ve said so many key issues that screams why God may have orchestrated your situation. First, you said you love him with all your heart.. Is there any room for God in there because He is a jealous God. Secondly, you said this isn’t the first time this has happened? Also, that you struggle with being impatient. Could this be God giving you the space and time to come up a little in those areas you mentioned. Maybe even to the same maturity level of the one you say you love. No ones perfect but we all need growth & maturity. As time moves on you’ll know if God is saying “No” or “Not now” either way its time to pray and focus on God without thinking about the guy. God will bring you to together IF it’s His will and most definitely when you can move through life without focusing totally on the guy. We all have work to be done with self and for the kingdom of God. So in you’re separation spend quality time with the Lord, this should be the focus. God knows, God see’s, and God is able to bring it back around full circle in His timing. So, do not further damage trying to fix it. Let God heal it and fix it His way. We desperately seek to marry but we have to be that spiritual warrior, that back bone, that everything they need us to be and in order to be that it takes development it takes work, it takes studying, fasting, praying and spending time with the Lord. Reread the ‘3 Tips to Getting Over an Ex’ article and study the scriptures.
      Praying for you!

  39. Me and my ex recently broke up. We both played a part in our relationship that led to the break up…our relationship was built on no trust. Before getting into a relationship with him God showed me in a dream that we will be living in sexual sin and he will also have a drinking problem and will be verbally absuive. I can say that that dream did come to past apart from the drinking problem. However I chose to ignore those signs and continued my relationship. My ex was not a bad person and I can whole heartedly say he loved and adored me . Our relationship was just very toxic because of the lack of trust. I tried to leave the relationship many times because I could see we both were not growing spirituality anymore. However we could never let go. We spilt up 2 weeks ago and we have both hurt one another. Last week we apologised to one another and decided we should have another go with our relationship. The following day I realised I made the wrong decision and told him I couldn’t go through with it. We are both hurting at the moment and I believe God allowed this break up to happen in order for us to focus on him. So this is the problem. We both attend the same church, I actually invited him to my church. He is now a member. I feel like I haven’t been growing spiritually for a very long time. At times I think i am not receiving enough word anymore from my church and I need to move on but on the other hand I believe maybe it’s due to how I was living (in sexual sin). I want to move churches so I don’t have to see him and also to grow and start this walk all over again ALONE. Is leaving the church because my relationship fell apart a good enough reason ? I also have a church in mind but I’m really scared to start again. How do I know that is the church God is leading me to or how do I know God wants me to even move churches. I’m really stuck!

    1. That’s something you have to pray about. A bad breakup isn’t a reason to leave a church. But you need to see if God wants you to leave or stay, but changing church isn’t a good enough reason because you can transfer and not have a thriving walk with God due to your own lifestyle.

  40. Getting over my ex felt like hell to me. The most frustrating part of it was, the nigga just walked away, no explanation, nothing. I was dying and I needed to know why he left me. I would block him on social media but unblock him when I wanna lurk. I was devastated and I felt unworthy. I would cry every night and feel less of myself until I met Jesus and His comforting arms. I held on to Him and started following inspirational people and reading inspirational books. That’s when I realized that God wanted something better for me. I got closer to God and kept my eyes on him. He became everything to me, especially a shoulder to lean on during the healing process. I can finally say I’m over him and all thanks to God.

  41. How do I meet people to date that believes in God. I have 2 and a half years sobriety, that limits where i can go to meet people. God gave me my sobriety. Without Him in my life I would be nothing.

  42. Christmas night I found out that my boyfriend had talked to another girl for about two weeks. They never met in person. He put a stop to it, but I still feel hurt and disrespected. He wants to work it out. I have days where I want to work on it and days where I don’t want to be with someone who would do this to me. I was married before and he talked and kissed another women before we were married. I chose to forgive him and he continued other inappropriate behavior through out our marriage. Another man I dated also started seeing another woman.
    I thought my boyfriend and I were working towards a Godly marriage. I’m just so hurt. I sometimes feel this is God telling me this isn’t the right man or me, but my pastor says it’s the devil trying to destroy relationships. I don’t know what to think.

  43. This post had everything to do with me. I’m getting over a toxic situationship. I walked away because I knew that I deserved better but even afterwards I found myself clinging to it. I lurked and sought closure, did any and everything to convince myself that he wasn’t as bad as he appeared to be. My mind stayed on what I lost rather than what I had to gain by freeing up the space he was occupying. I’m healing but this post was definitely needed so I could evaluate what I’m here for and why I’m in my current season.

  44. Thank you so much for your article as well as your YouTube videos. I read & watched everything in one evening. All of which I needed to hear.

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