We Launched a Podcast!

Hey everyone! No long post today, just a quick blog to inform you all that we have recently launched a new podcast! That's right! A new podcast. This is long overdue, but it's here now! One thing... Would you do us a favor by helping us to promote it? The podcast is currently on all… Continue reading We Launched a Podcast!


What Age can I Start Dating?

I know that many of you by the title alone may not click this blog, but I am aware there are thousands of youth that follow this page and ask questions along this line frequently... Can I start dating now? How old do I have to be? My parents said I can’t date now, but… Continue reading What Age can I Start Dating?


6 Things You Shouldn’t Do After a Breakup

Some things in life are inevitable - like breakups. Not all relationships last and that’s fine. What’s not fine may be our approach or how we handle our heartbreak. There are a few things I believe we shouldn’t do after our relationships end. Here are just a few: 1. Try mending it without God’s approval!… Continue reading 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do After a Breakup