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I Love Jesus, but I’m Depressed

You know what I've come to learn about many people in the church? We can easily misinterpret things because of our own convictions or emotions. It's true because of how I feel. You hear more comments like "well, I think", "I don't think the bible was implying this, I believe it was suggesting...." or more… Continue reading I Love Jesus, but I’m Depressed

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Fighting Lust? 

I decided to make this blog due to receiving the same messages on a consistent basis. The type of sin you fight against may be different from others, but sin nonetheless is not something to take lightly. There is no "formula to holiness" outside of a relationship with Jesus, so I don't want you to… Continue reading Fighting Lust? 

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5 things ALL Singles Need to do!

There are a few things every single should do before they think about marriage. Besides, why pray for something that you aren't preparing yourself to handle? It's easy to lose your blessing when your character isn't ready to maintain it. So here are five quick things to do before marriage: 1. Seek God One drastic… Continue reading 5 things ALL Singles Need to do!