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40 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I love your on line ministry. Your boldness encourages my heart that God still has His 7000,out there that are not defiled. Sir, I think we can be prayer partners. What do you think? I love it all about you God bless.

  2. You are a blessed and annointed writer. The hand of God is surely upon you. Thank you for blessing me with your obedience to Christ by using your talents to share and explain His love and grace.Blessings!

    your fellow sister-in-Christ,

  3. Hey, I absolutly love your page ! After a lot of pain, losing myself and heart breaks I decided to stop doing things in my way . I’m walking with God but in this world (i live in germany) as a black girl it isnt easy. I dont have a lot of friends I never go out and sometimes it gets very boring and I feel alone cause no one really understands me thats how i feel. God showed me how blessed i am in every way i know what i can approach i know who i am so i’m okay with being not like everyone. but sometimes the flesh comes over me.. you have so many great texts about men and advises for men. can you help me with the same things for women ?

  4. I just read the “Dating Your Distraction”, and it was a refreshing confirmation for me. I had to let go of my distraction months ago and it was tough, but I knew that God wanted me to do that. I recently started following you on Instagram and your post have been a blessing to read everyday. I pray that God continues to use you greatly.
    – Ashley

  5. Hey i wanted to know if you have a number i can reach you at and get your thoughts on things you have written in your posts about sex. Your page is the first page that openly talks about that topic in an adult manner and does not make it sound wrong to talk about. I felt comfortable reading it and i do not get that feeling from many posts i come across. So due to this i had to contact you and see if i could personally speak to you since you have greater knowledge on things i would like to get insight on. If that is alright. You can email me back i check it very often and i hope to hear from you soon. Take care and god bless

  6. For a while there, I somehow misplaced your blog, I had a short cut of it on my home page and next thing I try to open it and it’s telling me about skiing equipment and dating sites. Lol I was devastated, I thought you had shut the blog down or something…till I received an email about a new post you put up 2 or 3 days ago.

    Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t shut it down, it is a vital tool I need, most especially now.

    God bless you servant of God.

  7. I love your website of godlydating101. Help me understand more. What god is asking of me. Thank you for your website.

  8. Hey I just wanted to say, you’re page has been such an encouragement to me and helped me fight some battles and helped me really understand what God has for me thank you

  9. Hi… I want to know where is my soulmate that GOD has prepared for me😊 been a christian for 25yrs. Yet didn’t received my boyfriend and soon to be my husband thank you. God bless!

  10. Maybe you can start a Christian Speed dating group, so that alot of virtuous men an women of God can meet alot of Christ like believers in faith an spark real connection of course with GOD in the center. The world seems to have online dating sites an speed dating events why can’t we. I’d gladly help with anything you need assistance with.

  11. God recently revealed that a childhood friend I’ve been dating for almost 2 months isn’t the one for me. Sadly, I felt like something was missing when we started going out but I ignored it. He’s been crazy about me since we met at 11. But out of fear of losing our friendship I never wanted to move pass friends. However, I clearly changed my mind. Now that I know what god has revealed I don’t know how to end things. I tried but he’s so confused as to why, when he didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t want him to spite God if I tell him my real reasoning. What should I say? How do I end it?

  12. Wow, Im honestly touched by your words; you are speaking to me directly about my situation – I want to thank you greatly for your words that i cant stop reading; every word every line speaks about me and getting over my ex. I have just ended a six year relationship with the father of my two kids; It has not been an easy path dealing with this hurt and i have somewhat drawn away from God rather than closer and your message speaks to me directly; really cant get over this with tears in my eyes; I needed your encouraging and comforting words so badly and it is right here. Thanks much; God bless and continue your good work

  13. i want to first give all thanks to almighty God for his grace upon my life, i also want to say i thank God for making me encounter this site or let me say this page Godlydating101 first on facebook. i believe i’ll archeive my desire by the special grace of God. i am a baptized born again christain, and i’m in nigeria, i’ll want to get connected to a born again God fearing christian or muslim for marriage and to live together forever under the atmosphere of God almighty.

  14. Omg where to start. I love your posts, they truly bless me and they challenge me to live a life that is truly pleases God. I thank God for you and I will be sure to keep you guys in prayer. Please pray for me to not lose faith and to keep rooted and grounded in His words. I pray for more people like you guys and my true desire is to be everything that God ordained for me to present my body daily to Him as a sacrfice holy and acceptable. Thank God for Jesus because I was a mess. Nothing is to hard for God to do no one is too dirty and messed fo God not to change and use. God bless you bountifully. Love you.

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