No Excuses

God desires a relationship with each and every one of us. Not a Sunday affair, not a quick prayer here and there, but a intimate relationship with each and every person on this earth. Too bad one can't force anyone into a relationship or force their love on anyone. God is a gentleman, He only… Continue reading No Excuses

Uplifting Words

God’s Love Breaks Spells

Witchcraft, fornication and adultery, stealing, lying, gossiping, gambling, drinking or smoking, clubbing, insecurities, and maybe even rejection. Almost everyone in the world has fell into one of these categories. Whether we have participated in the act, or were forced into the act. However, the truth remains that everyone, has committed a sin, they have also… Continue reading God’s Love Breaks Spells

Uplifting Words

Imperfect, Yet Victorious

There will always be a time in someone's life where they will fail at something. No one will always go through their life without troubles. You may lose a game in sports, you may fail an exam, and you may even be a devoted Christian that falls into sin. Jesus is well aware that a… Continue reading Imperfect, Yet Victorious