Pornography & Masturbation: Is it Wrong?

Before anyone starts, let me ask for forgiveness. I know that some people think “pornography” and “masturbation” are curse words in the church.
I can count the amount of times I have been to a church service or a meeting where the speaker confronts pornography. Growing up in the church, I have come to realize that leaders will speak against fornication (premarital sex), adultery (being married and sleeping with someone other than your spouse), and homosexuality/lesbianism. These are surely touchy issues so I can somewhat understand why we avoid them. However, if we don’t teach the people about it, we cannot get mad when the world tells them about it.
Pornography is something for someone perverted, in some peoples opinion. However, it is just a sinful thing that the devil uses to trap and corrupt minds with. Many have watched it. If you haven’t then congratulations, but don’t kill those who have. Just know that you can be free from this sexual and mental addiction.
How is Pornography wrong?

  • It corrupts the mind of the viewer. You believe that what you see is fulfilling and want to go and try it out.
  • You no longer have God’s view of love, forgetting the true purpose for it. You see sex as a sport and no longer as a gift for husband and wife. Porn stars sleep with many different people all the time. The bible says when you sleep with someone, you become one with them. Now stop. If I sleep with 60 women, I am now causing so many different spirits to be in me. That sounds like confusion, not love.
  • Some may say, “I really love God, I am just trying to learn different ways to please my spouse”. I cannot say your motives are wrong, but the way you fulfill it is. God can show you ways to satisfy one another without leaving His will.
  • You’re telling God that you have a sexual desire that you had to resolve yourself, instead of waiting on your own spouse.

We must understand, we do not sin only if we have sex outside of God’s will. We messed up when we flirted with sin all the way up to the act. The little things matter, stay alert.
How is masturbation wrong?

  • Masturbation is the act of sexually pleasing yourself.
  • God has given every man and woman a sex drive. Some people feed their sex drives more than others. With things like: Love music, movies with sexual scenes, flirting, negative pictures, etc. Now you reach a point where you are really in “the mood” and don’t have someone, so you do it yourself. So you have fulfilled your spouses duty. Sin.
  • The urge to do this isn’t from God. God knows you want to be with a special someone, and He actually wants to give it to you (Psalms 37:4). So now you have an urge from either the devil or yourself. Nothing the devils sends us is good, and the bible says you cannot please God with a carnal mind. A worldly minded person cannot please God (Read Romans 8:1-8).
  • Fornication is a sin. So whether you do it to yourself or with someone you are not married to, you have just committed a sin.

If you struggle with it today, let me tell you something. There’s a better life in Christ. Being abstinent or celibate is a great feeling.
Your hands were made to glorify a Holy God. Your body is God’s temple. Don’t defile it because you were  “horny”. If you ever reach that mood, you know that God wants you to draw closer. Don’t be overpowered by these desires. God sees those who want to be married, but it is all on His timing. I beg you, throw away those movies, magazines, pictures, text messages, CDs. Live pure!
Don’t ever say it’s too hard. Doubt is an insult to God! He know and he cares, let him help you!
No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13 ESV)
Everyone is tempted! I’m sure the woman at the well with all those husbands could have tempted Jesus! He chose to spread the Gospel to her, not spread her legs! You can resist too!
God bless, stay pure. Stay focused. You can make it!

Tovares Grey

2 Replies to “Pornography & Masturbation: Is it Wrong?”

  1. I believe God delivered me from fornication and mastubation. At one point mastubation was a comfort place for me, like alcohol to some, it would temporarily make me forget about my burdens.
    Now it wants to make a comeback because I haven’t been consistent in the Lord, this can’t drown me. My body is meant for better things in the Kingdom of God. I do not want to be a whore, I want to be worthy.

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